PSMLS 2022 Classes have been re-uploaded on the original PSMLS YouTube channel

All of the PSMLS classes and narrations from September 2022 to December 2022 that were uploaded to the channel we created after wreckers stole the original PSMLS channel from us have been re-uploaded to the original PSMLS channel. In case you missed our statement on regaining control of the old channel, here is the statement we posted on social media regarding the matter:

Back in late 2022, our YouTube channel and other social media was hijacked by a group of wreckers that left the Party of Communists USA, that were attempting to take the Peoples School away from the Party. The PSMLS has been and will continue to be sponsored by the Party of Communists USA. After these actions, the Party initiated a legal case against these wreckers which we have now won. With that we have regained control of our old YouTube channel. We will post content on both our YouTube channels for now, and we encourage all of our followers to follow both channels.

Original YouTube channel: Other YouTube channel:

These classes and narrations are wonderful bits of our schools history to go back to and revisit, and we encourage all of our newer members to go back and interact with this material if they’re interested in the subject matter. Here are some of the highlights from this round of re-uploads:

Soviet-Afghan War and the Truth about Afghan History

In this class, falling near the 21st anniversary of the September 11th attacks and subsequent 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, we felt it necessary to go back and explore the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan in the 1970s and 1980s and understand from a Marxist-Leninist perspective why the Soviet Union intervened militarily and what the Saur Revolution and Democratic Republic of Afghanistan were, as well as who the Afghan Mujaheddin were, how the US armed them and how they transformed into the Taliban and Al-Qaeda into the 1990s. This is a wonderful class making use of Phillip Bonosky’s “Washington’s Secret War Against Afghanistan” that defends the Soviets and socialist Afghanistan and dispels ultraleft mythology about “Soviet social imperialism” with use of dialectical and historical materialism.

Dialectical Materialism

Speaking of Dialectical and Historical Materialism, here was a spectacular class we had discussing the fundamental philosophy of Marxism-Leninism; Dialectical Materialism. We used parts of the infamous works of “On Contradiction” by Mao Tse-Tung and “Dialectical and Historical Materialism” by Joseph Stalin, as well as the lesser known but great text by British Marxist, John Lewis, “Marxism and Modern Idealism.” The only way this video could be better is if you could see the presentation we used, but luckily we started including the presentations in all our videos at the start of 2023! This subject is of paramount importance for new Marxists to revisit and engage with.

International Workers Order (IWO) – 2 Part Series

This 2 part series on the International Workers Order was a mind-blowing class for many of us there. Exploring the history of the ethnic fraternal organizations created by the old Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the creation of the IWO and the many programs it offered. If you didn’t know, the IWO even provided members with life insurance and had thousands of members! This represented a successful project of American socialists and puts modern attempts at “mutual aid” to shame.

Guerilla Warfare, Preface and Ch 1 narrations

While it may look like a lot, we released narrations of the parts of chapter 1 of Che Guevara’s “Guerilla Warfare” throughout late 2022 and took great care to provide this narration as a playlist on YouTube. There will be more parts from 2023 released and the YouTube playlist will be updated with those re-uploads.

Counter-Revolution in the USSR

Lastly highlight is of our last class of 2022, a solemn class yet important for our historical understanding of the last years of the Soviet Union and the traitorous destruction of the Gorbachev Era policies “Perestroika” and “Glasnost.” It clarified that the Soviet Union did not “fail” or “collapse” due to some failing of the socialist system, rather it was a Western-supported, undemocratic, capitalist, counter-revolution that resulted in the “dissolution” of the Soviet Union. We used parts of Roger Keeran’s book “Socialism Betrayed” and listened to comrades who lived through that period describe what it was like to see this dark part of socialist history and how communists worldwide reacted.

List of Re-uploads

Soviet-Afghan War and the Truth about Afghan History

Cuban Missile Crisis: 60th Anniversary

Propaganda Distribution

Black October of 1993

Dialectical Materialism

Political Economy

The Great October Socialist Revolution

Why Communism? Ch 3 (Narration)

100th Anniversary of the Soviet Union (US Friends of the Soviet People Webinar)

Political Outreach

International Workers Order Part 1

International Workers Order Part 2

Railroad Workers Struggle

Guerilla Warfare Preface and Ch 1 (Narration Playlist)

Counterrevolution in the USSR

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