November Syllabus – Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies

There will be 5 PSMLS classes in November this month, and we ask our students to pay close attention to this schedule because some classes are only 1 day a week this month. These are relevant classes that we need to have. This month will include the following:

Join us for a class exploring the history of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, as well as the background of the Indochinese Communist Party and the Vietnamese intervention in Kampuchea which brought about the People’s Republic of Kampuchea. We’ll look at the ultra-leftist genocidal crimes in Democratic Kampuchea and understand the relation of this conflict to the Sino-Soviet split. This class was on Thursday, November 2nd, from 9 pm EST – 10:30 pm EST.

The US Friends of the Soviet People will be hosting a webinar on November 7, 2023, celebrating the 106th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. We will be having guest speakers speak on the legacy of the Soviet Union, reading excerpts from various authors recounting the events of the revolution, providing history of the USFSP and other orgs that proceeded us. The webinar will be hosted from 8pm to 9:45pm EST and can be accessed by following the zoom link below. We hope you join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the USSR and their inspiration to us all! This class will be Tuesday, November 7th, from 8 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST and the recording of the Tuesday class will be played on Thursday, November 9th, from 9 pm EST – 10:30 pm EST.

The Peoples School will also tackle the current Israel/Palestine crisis and address the immediate need for a ceasefire in this conflict. The ceasefire will be the prime focus of the class, though we will give some historical background on the oppression of the Palestinians since 1948. This is a class we absolutely need to have which is why we scheduled it for this month. This class will be Tuesday, November 14th, from 8 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST and Thursday, November 16th, from 9 pm EST – 10:30 pm EST.

This November also marks 80 years since the Soviet liberation of fascist Ukraine! Since the 80th Anniversary of Stalingrad, we’ve been honoring the victorious battles of the Great Patriotic War, leading up to the 80th Anniversary of VE Day in 2025. With the current war in Europe to liberate and denazify Ukraine all over again, this class is more relevant than ever and should inspire optimism in a defeat of Ukrainian fascism once and for all. This class is ONLY going to be on Tuesday, November 21st.

We’ll also continue our series on U.S. Imperialism with History of U.S. Imperialism: Rise of American Unipolarity, which will go over our imperialist actions and role in the world between 1990 and 2005, so this will go over both Iraq Wars, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, the NATO war on Yugoslavia and more as the United States and the western world acts out more boldly with no other superpower to challenge it. This will be the first part of this series crossing over into the 21st century as well. You can find all of our previous classes in this series on our website and as they are uploaded on YouTube. This class will be Tuesday, November 28th, from 8 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST and Thursday, November 30th, from 9 pm EST – 10:30 pm EST.

Also, remember that we have an ongoing legal drive that we urge the comrades that support the school to help us with, which you can find here. Please give us whatever you can and share it around! Anything helps!